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Best Escrow for Unlisted Shares

    A share market is an area where a smart investment can make you earn a lot of money. It is one of the most popular means to generate handsome dividends. Usually the stocks and the securities that you buy are listed in a public stock exchange and the investment in the share markets are done through stock brokerages or electronic trading platforms.  These shares which are listed in the stock exchange are governed by the appropriate regulating bodies. However, there are certain companies who own unlisted shares and are looking for investors to buy them.

    Unlisted shares are the shares of a company which are not listed in the public stock exchange and are therefore not regulated by any strict authorities. It well known that investing in shares that are listed come with a fair share of risk and uncertainty. But, investing in unlisted shares carries a higher percentage of risk because of the absence of regulating bodies. Escrowpayindia can help you during the process of investing in unlisted shares by making it more reliable.

    The reason why a company has unlisted shares can be many. Either they are unable to fulfill the requirements put forth by the regulating bodies or it is beyond their means to pay the listing fee to the stock exchange in order to get a listing. However, there are some companies who purposely want their shares to be unlisted in order to remain autonomous and maintain privacy. Even though the unlisted shares are associated with risks, investing in them can be profitable if the company gets listed in future leading to an increase in value of their shares.

    A buyer can buy the unlisted shares either through internal contacts or in an over the counter market facilitated by dealers. Due to the limited information on the companies which issue these shares and the inability to liquidate these shares owing to their low volume can pose a risk of fraud to the buyers. Escrowpayindia is a digital escrow payment platform which utilizes a neutral third party account to carry out online transactions in a secure manner. It addresses the issue of over the counter markets and makes the transaction of unlisted shares more reliable by verifying the credibility of the stakeholders. It also makes it easier to liquidate the share in a worry free manner to another buyer. With these benefits, Escrowpayindia provides you with a cushion to fall back on while dealing in unlisted shares. It imparts an environment of credibility and transparency in an otherwise unregulated over the counter market and protects you from legal battles in case of any disagreements.

    The number of people who are willing to take the risk and invest in unlisted shares are growing every day. Escrowpayindia is a unique platform that can boost the confidence of these people by mitigating risks, providing convenience and enabling trust.